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Production & Products safety

Over: Video from our factories in Turkey

Our suppliers
We prioritize establishing permanent and long-term relationships with our suppliers. Through extensive collaboration, we have gained valuable insights into our producers, fostering greater predictability and mutual benefits.

In clothing production, from cotton cultivation to dyeing, textile manufacturing, and shipping, pollution is inevitable. Our aim is to create high-quality garments that are durable, reducing their environmental impact.

We manufacture our goods in China and Turkey, transporting them to Norway by boat or trailer. Through ongoing cooperation, we conduct regular visits and inspections at our suppliers' facilities, either ourselves or through authorized external partners.

Ensuring 100% traceability of our products is paramount. Suppliers are required to disclose all manufacturers and subcontractors involved in production. This commitment enhances production safety and provides us with comprehensive insights into any deviations.

 If your garment sustains damage or stains, refer to our washing guide [HERE](insert link).

We collaborate with manufacturers who adhere to "Codes of Conduct" and independent third-party inspections. We prioritize suppliers who are members of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), with 90% of our Chinese suppliers currently certified. BSCI membership entails external inspections focusing on health, safety, and social conditions, followed by improvement plans to address any deficiencies.

Chemicals are essential in processes like dyeing, printing, and washing during clothing and shoe production. To ensure product safety, our suppliers follow a Restricted Chemical List, complying with regulations such as REACH and CLP. Regular chemical testing is conducted at independent laboratories in China and Scandinavia.

Our commitment to high-quality products extends to materials. We meticulously select fabrics and accessories to meet stringent standards.

Cotton, valued for its softness, durability, and washability, is a staple in our collection. We source USA cotton for production in China and primarily use locally grown cotton in Turkey, supplemented by imports from the USA and Greece when necessary.

All our textile products hold Oeko-tex Standard 100 certification, guaranteeing they are free from illegal or harmful substances.